Thursday, 24 March 2016

Japan Day

Today, in honour of 'Kensuke's Kingdom', we had a day celebrating Japan.

We started the day making sushi and origami and then tried our hand at writing Haikus.

During the day we talked about all things Japanese, including sumo wrestlers. Mrs Andrew gave us a demonstration....

Here we are practising sounding out syllables for our Haiku poems:

and here is the lunchtime origami session...

In the afternoon the children learnt about the Japanese artist Hokusai and drew a wave.

Then we had watched a Studio Ghibli film, Totoro, directed by the famous Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki.

What an enjoyable day - and we only touched the tip of the iceberg; Japan is such an interesting place with such a rich culture.

Here is the display about Japan and 'Kensuke's Kingdom' you can see in the main corridor at school:


Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to deal with worries

This morning in PSHE we thought about worries we might have and what to do about them.

We used a Carroll diagram to help us.

This helped us to sort out worries we can do something about, such as getting up in time in the morning, or worries we can't do anything about such as ice creams taking over the world. 

When we discussed the issue in class, children thought of the following things which they had no control over: people or pets dying, how you look or having a bad dream. Other worries that could be addressed included winning rugby games, drowning, breaking things or getting bad marks in a test. 

We talked about what we could do to prevent bad things happening and who we could talk to about worries we might have. It's a good thing to talk about worries because by sharing them you can cope with them better.

Roman Britain - Boudicca, villas and mosaics

We have continued our investigations into the Romans and their occupation of Britain. 

We found out about Boudicca who was the leader of the Iceni tribe. She was based near Thetford. She was a very fierce, brave woman who fought the Romans.

We also looked at how the Romans lived and made models of the type of houses, or villas, they built in Britain. Here are some examples of our work...

The Romans decorated their floors with beautiful mosaics and we have also been having a go at making some ourselves.

We planned the patterns in our topic books first and then made them using glass tiles. We'll be grouting them soon.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Which is your favourite pattern?