Friday, 19 September 2014

Mad Science: September 19th 2014

This morning we had a fabulous time learning about science with Dr DNA!

First we learnt about light. Dr DNA told us about Sir Isaac Newton who discovered that when white light is bent you can see that it is made up of all the colours of the rainbow. 

Dr DNA gave everyone diffraction glasses so that they could see all the colours in white light:

Dr DNA showed us a green laser light which couldn't be bent and remained green. 

Then we talked about electricity and the Van der Graaf generator which was invented by Robert Van der Graaf who was an American. The generator generates 30,000 volts of static electricity and demonstrates how electricity finds its way to earth by the fastest possible route. We learnt that conductors like metal allow electricity to pass through them. Insulators like rubber and wood don't conduct electricity. Dr DNA discharged the static electricity with a wooden stick.

We learnt that children are also conductors - it was a hair raising experience for some of us! Some people gave each other static shocks! Remember we promised not to try this without a mad adult scientist present.

Then Dr DNA showed us a plasma ball. The gas inside is argon (remember Argos!) which is used In between the panels of glass in double glazing.

The plasma ball can be used to light up light bulbs using conduction - and this can be done through people as well!

We also used the plasma ball to do burning bogie experiments...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Skipping: Wednesday September 10th 2014

This morning we were joined by John Massey who was teaching playground skipping games to all the children in the school. 

First of all we learnt never to run with a skipping rope. We learnt that skipping is the hardest form of exercise and that getting out of breath is good for your body. Doing 3 minutes of skipping is the same amount of exercise as running for 20 minutes! We also learnt that sweating is what your body does to keep cool and it is very important to drink when you exercise. 

The children tried out some different ways of skipping: 

straightforward skipping...

and skipping on one leg and then doing the can-can...

and one then two step skipping...

Also the kangaroo - jumping as high as you can!

Finally, skipping together, where one person who can't skip very well can learn from someone who can. It's important to skip close together, to talk to each other and to do the same skipping style!

After all the classes had spent time with Mr Massey the whole school assembled to see children demonstrating the different techniques:

Skipping ropes should reach from the floor to the skipper's shoulder when they are folded in half. You can tie the ends up if it's too long, but ropes that are too short can be a bit of a problem!

Mr Massey has left some skipping ropes for sale in the office if anyone wants to buy one. They are £4 each.

Happy skipping!