Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Sports Day: Monday June 11th

Today was Sports Day at Bressingham. Here are some photos from the afternoon...

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Different States of Matter: Thursday June 7th 2018

Today we investigated the different forms water takes...

...solid, liquid and gas. 

Ava explained how soft mixture changes into a solid cake after heat is applied during cooking. Pancake mixture changes from liquid to solid when they are fried. Eggs change colour when the white is cooked. Orange juice freezes and goes solid when it is frozen - the heat is 'taken away' in the cold conditions. 

We made predictions about what would happen to coloured ice in a dish. 
We then did some investigations into temperature.

Afterwards we looked at our predictions about what would happen to the ice cubes. We had decided that they would melt, which they did, and Rio explained that blue and yellow make green when they are mixed together so that is why the water around the melted blue and yellow cubes was green. 

We also decided that the classroom and the people in it and the sun outside transferred heat to the ice cubes to make them melt. The ice cubes stopped being solid and became liquid. 

An interesting afternoon!