Saturday, 26 July 2014

Class Topic for the Autumn Term 2014

You might be interested to know that next term our topic will be myths and legends so we will be studying King Arthur, Beowulf and Robin Hood amongst other things! See if you can find out anything about these stories over the summer - and you might like to think about the answers to some of these questions...

  • Who or what was Excalibur?
  • Why did King Arthur have a round table?
  • Where did King Arthur live?
  • What is an outlaw and why was Robin Hood one?
  • Who was Robin Hood's arch enemy?
  • Did Robin Hood have any family?
  • How do we know about Beowulf?
  • What kind of man was Beowulf?
  • Did Beowulf have any special skills?
  • Are there any other legends that you would like to share with Class 3?
  • What is the difference between a myth and a legend?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Last Day of Term: Wednesday July 23rd 2014

Today was our last day at school but we packed lots in!

First of all we did some colouring in and word searches around Wind in the Willows and then we prepared our picnic lunch using lettuces from the Class 3 vegetable patch.

The children prepared ham sandwiches, lettuce sandwiches, Eton mess, fruit skewers and fruit squash.

Afterwards everyone sang Wind in the Willows songs to Class 2...

They were a very appreciative audience! 

Then the time had come for our picnic, and we had the perfect weather to enjoy it.

Here are the boaters we made and the napkins we started to sew - they might be finished this afternoon.

Hope you have a wonderful summer - look forward to seeing you all in September!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Time

We were writing acrostic poems this morning. Mrs Baker was so impressed she asked one of the class to show Mr King and he was so impressed he said he was going to frame it and put it on the wall in his office!

Here is the poem: 

S ummer sand so silky and soft.
U ltramarine waves glimmering in the sunlight.
M enacing sun so deranged  making me we'll and truly parched.
M agical mottled mosaics so eerie.
E legant seagulls swooping low.
R eading time.

T oasting marshmallows in the moonlight.
I love summer.
M arvellous moments by the Canaries.
E cstatic with happiness.

Nearing the end of term: Tuesday July 22nd 2014

This morning we finished our poems and paintings for our summer pictures and cards. We took some photos for the blog...

Friday, 18 July 2014

Fantasy writing: Friday July 18th 2014

Today we listened to the stories that we had written over the last few days in the willow circle...

We particularly liked thisstory:

Paradise Land

Above the land of our beloved earth, there is a blinding Pink planet where everything is perfect and everything is paradise. It belongs to the lovely lime coloured President Smartie who is, strangely, a well trained gecko. Amazingly, the never-ending sea is made of pure lemonade, however if you drink it you will get dance fever which unfortunately happened to all teachers. Wonderful waterfalls are scattered all about the land.

Humans are all kind and are all young girls who have pink hair that turns blue in the refreshing lemonade sea. All pets had something magical about themselves and also own their own private hot-tubs! Swimming pools always had diving boards and water tube slides that lasted 20 minutes. Items in local shops are free and like I said everybody is nice, well almost everyone...

It was a bright sunny day and Amy and her flying fluffy dog fluff all were on their way to the beach in bright pink bikinis. They were so boiling they couldn't resist a relaxing swim in the luscious lemonade sea. Just as Amy was going to dive into the sea she tripped on a shiny pebble and landed next to the Prseident Smartie in banana printed swim shorts. He explained that Blue-face (the evil smurf) had stolen the secrets to Paradise life and if he didn't get them back by sunset Paradise Land would become a dump. 

"Blast Blueface", moaned Fluffball.

"We'll help" exclaimed Amy. "Blueface won't get away that easily!".

Then Smartie told them that he also stole his magic wand and turned his royal swim shorts into banana swim shorts! Suddenly the sea started to whirl around them and they were being sucked down into the deep sea. Blueface had started to use the wand already.

All around them everything was swirling like a twirly lollipop and then they dropped down into the Candy Tree forest, where Blueface lives. The three got to their feet and looked around. In the distance they could see a sky blue treehouse and could hear a menacing, evil laugh. Amy walked a little closer followed by the others and after a few steps they saw Blueface, the Book of Paradise Secrets and the magic wand, right in front of them. 

"You can't stop me now" chanted Blueface and disappeared into his treehouse castle leaving gummy-bear guards to scare them away, they were doomed.

Suddenly, out of the blue came Mr King, Mrs Andrew, Mrs Grottick, Mrs Segovia and Mrs Noble dressed in Superman costumes doing the Congo! 

"I guess they still have dance fever" announced the President, laughing. 

They were all carrying a bucket of lemonade sea water and heading towards the gummy-bears. All the girl teachers tipped the sea water down the gummy-bear's throats and then Mr King tipped his down Blueface's! They returned the things to Smartie and everything was PARADISE!

This story was also very entertaining:

Doodle Dream Land

Normally living in a majestic land made out of art was fun; today was not. At all. For all the colour had been drained by an evil super villain named Bland (his real name was Bob). 

The story starts with with a sketch named Bright. He was walking to school one day when he stood on a piece of old paper, a map, and it led to the pen! The pen which leads to the pot of paint that will save the world. Bright started to run along the chalky roads dodging through alley ways and streets, always following the map.

Suddenly a street thief snatched the map from his grasp! Bright ran, tripped the thief and the thief fell on the ground, winded. Bright now saw a strange ORANGE pen and realised he was Bland's side-kick. Bland knew where the paint was. After a while they reached a mountain filled with paint. Standing there was Bland. Bright was pushed and he stumbled and fell into the volcano...

Exciting stuff! Have a go at writing some more stories yourself over the holidays and bring them in when you come back in September!