Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sound Experiments

This afternoon we did further work on our investigations into sound and conducted some experiments to discover which objects we could hear more clearly. 

We decided to measure how far away we could hear different sounds. We started by listening to objects being dropped onto a plate in the hall, but we could still hear the pin being dropped right at the far end so we decided to take our experiment outside.

We were careful to make sure that everyone started at the same place when walking away from the sound source and that we measured the distances accurately.

Mrs Waller dropped a pin, a tennis ball and then a dice onto a china plate.

Although the children could hear the sound of the objects being dropped at different distances from the source, we all agreed that the dice produced the clearest sound for the longest distance. We thought that this was due to stronger sound waves and vibrations.

Robin Hood Stories

Today we worked hard in English to write stories about Robin Hood...

As you can see, the children were working in pairs (or threes) and were thinking carefully about their vocabulary, punctuation, openers and connections. We call this VCOP. 

There were lots of imaginative ideas buzzing around! Once the stories have been completed we'll share some with you on the blog.