Monday, 30 November 2015

Everyone loves Christmas!

Children from Classes 3 and Class 4 had written and rehearsed their own Christmas play and they performed it in assembly this morning to the school and parents.

They had a captivated audience!

Father Christmas and one of his elves made an appearance...

...and stayed for the festivities.

The play was entertaining and funny!

Mr King was very impressed.

The cast said an extra special thank you to Katie who had organised everyone.

Well done and happy Christmas to you all!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Everything in its place...Mrs Beeton style!

This afternoon we took advice from Mrs Beeton about how to set a table in Victorian times.

We had a go at setting the table exactly as Mrs Beeton advised in 1888. There was cutlery for four courses, a salt dish and glasses for sherry and champagne!

Some children already knew how to fold serviettes - someone even made a flower!

It was very important to have the blades of the knives facing the right way, and for the spoon to be placed next to the knives as it was to be used to drink soup.

We had great fun...

The Victorians were very precise so we had to make sure that our cutlery was straight and everything was in the right place.

Getting the serviettes to stand up was definitely the trickiest thing to do!

Well done! Can you now do this at home?

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I In class today we were using our voices to portray emotion. 
We have been studying play scripts and learning the importance of stage directions for an actor. 

First we used facial expressions to show emotion then we went on to change our voices. 

We had simple sentences to say using various voices. For examples a horror-struck voice, a happy, confident, frightened, miserable and shy tone. 

Some brave children had a go in front of the class and we had to guess the type of emotion shown. 

Impressive acting skills class 3, well done. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Skipping Workshop!

On Tuesday at school Playground Playtimes visited to show us how to skip.

We learnt lots of different types of skipping techniques including the stalk, the can can, the paired teddy bear skip and the butterfly!

Can you show your family any of them?

Then the whole school got together to show off our skipping skills.

The trickiest skip we saw was the pretzel!

Finally the children and brave teachers had a go at skipping all together using a long rope.

We will have a skipping area in the playground at break times and the long rope will be out too, so get practising!

There may still be some ropes to buy from the school office if you would like one.