Saturday, 9 July 2016


Class 3 are doing espresso coding, and we think you should play it at home. When we do coding we go on Bressingham Primary School jotter and then click classes and go on espresso, now we put in a password and username and then we're on!!! Have a lovely time on espresso coding.

Here's some more detailed information...

Go on Bressingham Primary School through Safari. 
Next scroll down a bit and go on Bressingham School Jotter in the website. 
Next click classes then Espresso
Click the website address
Put in your login and password
Then click coding and choose the programme you want.

Our blogging group said "it's been a busy week for Class 3; we have worked our socks off! We have especially worked hard on coding, including today. We start on level one Espresso coding but we are now on level five. In coding we use special language such as debugging. That's where you go back and change something you've got wrong the first time".

A Variable is something where you change different things on the programme 

An Event is where you click on something or swipe

An Algorithm is where there is a pattern or string of commands

We wrote a computer programme which helped the car move at different speeds and directions.

We got some views from other people in the class. 

Adam and Ruby:
"It's really good, I think Key Stage 1 should go on the first stage and have an adult to help them. When it says key press you tap it and letters pop up and you can pick one. Once you're onto the racing car level you can make your own track. On the bit where you press 'my code' at the bottom there is a colour and if you put in the colour, say, yellow, you'll stop."

"When you tap or swipe it is called an event."

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Butterfly Lion!

Class 3 have been learning about the fantastic book by Michael Morpurgo - it's called The Butterfly Lion. Last week we made arguments. We wrote down extracts from the book to act out the best dramatic argument.The argument  involved  Bertie, the main character, and his cold father. They disagreed about keeping the white lion cub who Bertie greatly adores.

In the book Bertie lives in Africa and he has a white lion cub. After his dad killed the lioness he wanted to  keep him. The lion cub is surrounded by hyenas with no protection but luckily Bertie saves the white lion cub with great courage. However Bertie gets sent to boarding school in England so Bertie cannot keep the lion and the white lion is sent to a circus in France.


Here is some of the work we have done...

Why don't you read the book to find out more!