Thursday, 23 October 2014

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wednesday October 22nd 2014: Art Day, Black History Week

This week we have been learning about some interesting African American inventors, scientists and doctors:

Mae Jennison
Garret Morgan 
Lewis Howard Latimer
Benjamin Banneker

Today we focused on Benjamin Banneker who was an astronomer and created a working model (replica) clock - everything, including all the cogs, were made out of wood.

We drew some pictures of cogs...

Then we did some art based on the work of Paul Klee using pastels and words about Benjamin Banneker.

Here are all the sheets together...


Well done Class 3! Here is the finished display:

In the afternoon we made cardboard cogs and used them to do some printing...

Using these stencils everyone drew at least 20 cogs for our display using different coloured pens and then one of the cogs was used to make a print. 

Can you find your cog on the photograph below?

Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday October 17th 2014: Postcards, Illuminated Manuscripts, Weaving and Bollywood

This morning our day began with postcards for good work and behaviour from Mrs Andrew for everyone in the class! Here are a few of the recipients...

Illuminated manuscripts are texts which are beautifully decorated and highlighted with gold and silver. Most surviving manuscripts are from the Middle Ages but they date from Anglo-Saxon times (AD 450 - 1066). We have been drawing illuminated letters of our first initials this week and we have some brilliant examples. Have a look for yourself....

The most exciting part of our day was when we learnt some Bollywood dances with Tina from Jaya Dance. Here are the costumes the boys wore...

And here is Tina talking to the children and showing them the lotus and other hand movements.

As you can see we were all given bindis to wear on our foreheads. A bindi is traditionally a bright red dot of colour which is said to be the sixth chakra and retains energy and strengthens concentration.

Here we are - Bollywood Bressingham!

After our dance practice Class 3 worked on their weaving which Mrs Andrew had started with them earlier in the week. We think that weaving must have been difficult for the Anglo-Saxons but the cloth they made was very hard-wearing and warm.

We gave a performance of our Bollywood dance at the end of the day and parents watched. After all the classes had completed their dances we all performed with Class 4 and the parents joined in too! 

Today marks the start of Black History Week for Bressingham Primary School. We will be learning more about other cultures next week before we break for half term on Wednesday.