Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Wind in the Willows - theatre at school! Tuesday April 17th 2018

Just as we started our new topic of water and rivers a travelling theatre company came to visit - and guess what, they performed 'The Wind in the Willows', our new class book! 

Here are photos of the production - the songs the children sang are shown at the end of the blog.

Ratty and Mole enjoy spring by the river.

They go to visit Toad who is obsessed with life on the open road...

They admire the horse drawn caravan.

Mole goes to see Badger in the Wild Wood. He encounters weasels and other scary things...

Ratty rescues Mole and they finally make it to Badger's house.

They go to see Toad who has become obsessed with motor cars.

Toad steals a car...

...and is thrown into prison as punishment.

He escapes dressed as a washer woman.

He stays out of the grasp of the police by getting a lift from a train driver.

Toad goes back to Toad Hall but discovers that it's been overrun by weasels.

The friends battle with the weasels. The weasels are defeated and harmony is restored.

Here are the words to the songs that featured in the production:

The children thoroughly enjoyed the production and the afternoon whizzed by! 
If you have any questions for the actors you can ask them via the Theatre's website and answers will be posted.

Barn Owls make sushi and try origami

This week we have been investigating Japanese life as part of our around the world topic. We have been looking at the Japanese artefacts that Mrs Grottick brought in.

We also made sushi using nori seaweed, sushi rice, avocado, carrot and cucumber.

We had some converts to sushi and a few people who didn't like it very much. Most people had a try though, which was fantastic!

Here we are also trying origami: