Thursday, 21 September 2017

Making Arrowheads: September 19th

Today Mrs Andrew showed us how to make arrowheads from clay. Stone Age people would have used flint but this is a very tricky skill and the flints are sharp.

First we shaped the clay with our hands and then we used tools to make markings on the models.

As you can see, the children worked hard and produced some beautiful work.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Rocks and Fossils: September 15th

In science we are investigating rocks and fossils. Here are some beautiful stones and fossils that the children brought in to share:

The Golden Rules: September 13th

Today we talked about the Golden Rules of expected behaviour in class and school. 

The Golden Rules are:

The children acted out what they should and shouldn't be doing. See if you can spot which photograph illustrates which rule.

Here are a few clues...

Enjoying Golden Time: September 8th

Here in Barn Owl Class we are awarded Golden Minutes when we do something really worthwhile as a group. For instance, lining up in alphabetical order really quickly and quietly or working very hard together on a piece of work. When we have collected a significant number of minutes we're allowed to take our Golden Time and can choose lots of fun things to do in class.

Today we had our first taste of Golden Time and here we are enjoying it!

Barn Owls see what it's like to be in The Stone Age: Thursday September 7th 2017

As our topic this term is The Stone Age we decided to see what it would like to start our own fire - and then we had toasted marshmallows! 

Here we are collecting firewood...

Then we added the sticks to tinder in the fire pit...

Followed by larger pieces of wood.

Miss Patterson explained how to light a fire safely:

In The Stone Age flints would have been used to light fires but today we used a firelighter. 

As you can see below, after we lit the fire we sang songs around it and then toasted and ate our marshmallows - what a treat!