Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Our Library Session

Class 3 normally change their books in the library on a Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Phillips normally helps us out in the library every Wednesday and before school in the mornings. She is a parent who volunteers her time because she loves books and reading!

We're really lucky to be able to spend a little time choosing and reading...

Books are filed in the library by surname of the author if they are fiction (unless they are picture books) or by colour and number if they are non fiction. We are very lucky to have over 5,000 books in our library!

It's really important that books are scanned out using the computer so that the school can keep track of them, otherwise they can go missing and are expensive to replace.

Today, children in Class 3 found their favourite books to show you - look below to see their choices!

As you can see, some people had more than one favourite! We love books in Class 3!

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