Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Further Investigations into Sound

      This afternoon we continued our investigations into sound. We learnt that sound travels in waves and we thought about what it travels through to reach our ears.

We banged a drum in different places around the classroom, including outside it, and decided whether the sound was louder or quieter and why.


We discussed what noise sounds like when we're under the water and whether sound can travel through brick, metal and other substances including air.

We went to different places around the school to listen carefully. What can you hear in the hall?
A fly buzzing and a pencil dropping - even the lights humming if you listen really well.

What can you hear here in Key Stage 1? The door banging on the frame, children and teachers in the classroom.

What can you hear in the playground? Cars going past, children inside the building and birds tweeting.

Finally, what can you hear on the school field? Birds singing and Bumblebees having a lesson outside.

We tried out homemade 'telephones' afterwards and found that the sound travelled much better when the string between our plastic cups was pulled taut...

Finally, here's a tune on the harmonica to end the lesson!

See what you can find out about sound for next week!


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