Thursday, 22 June 2017

Sandwich Design

Today was the second stage of our project to design  a healthy sandwich. Last week we tried different kinds of bread:

White sliced
Pitta bread
Naan bread

This week we tried different kinds of sandwich to help us decide on the bread, filling and packaging for our own sandwiches. We filled in a table with scores to show what we enjoyed and what we disliked.

As you can see from the table we tried 5 different sandwiches. Here we are trying the egg, mayonnaise and cress baguette...

Here are the wrappers for the sandwiches we tasted. We looked at how they're made in order to create something similar next week.

Afterwards, we decided what we want to make in the third and final stage of the project. The list of ingredients had to be precise to ensure that when Mrs Andrew buys them she gets everything that each child needs. 

We talked about whether ingredients were healthy or not and how we should eat less healthy food in moderation. Following on from our discussion about food groups last week Mrs Andrew explained the importance of a healthy diet containing such things as fibre and vitamins.

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