Thursday, 19 October 2017

Barn Owls Rock and Fossil Museum: October 19th 2017

Today our museum opened to parents and carers. After a lot of preparation by Ms Paterson and the children we were able to share the work on rocks and fossils we have been doing this half term.

Mr King came to see too...

As you can see the museum was well attended - the adults were really interested in the exhibits and most had a go at the children's experiment to find out whether rocks were sedimentary or not. If acid (vinegar) is applied to a rock and it fizzes then the rock is sedimentary - the fizzing is caused by the acid reacting with the tiny animal deposits in the rock.

The children explained how we made our fossils and what the different fossils were.

We have some expert fossil collectors:

We showed rocks that had been found locally and a bit further afield, and knew whether they were sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous.

We even had two Mary Annings to help us! 

What a brilliant afternoon! Have a wonderful half term holiday!

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