Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Malawi Day

Sue Eagle and Carol Champion came to speak to the school about Malawi. We will be sending some information about ourselves to our partner school, the Chisiri School in Malawi, and they will be returning information to us.

We started the day by being measured and while Mr Porter was doing this the children coloured in African designs for a display.

We then played an African game, Mancala...

... and then we had a go at making our own!

Here are the rules:

Carol and Sue came into Class 3 to share some of their experiences and knowledge about Africa, Malawi and Chisiri.

Checheywa is the language in Malawi and we learnt some new words...

Muli Bwanji - how are you?

Ndili Bwino - I'm fine!

Kaya Enu - how about you?

Zicomo - thank you

People in Malawi shake hands in a special way when they greet each other. They also sing a lot and use rhythm. We sang our greetings to each other.

Sue and Carol talked to us about what children in Malawi have to do before they go to school. Girls have to collect water, boys collect wood for the fire and mothers make porridge. Most places don't have electricity. A lot of trees have been cut down for fire wood. Children sit on the floor at primary school and children at secondary school have metal desks which can't be taken away and used for firewood. 

Children in Malawi look at the floor to show respect, not into their teacher's eyes. We had a go at sweeping the floor, Malawian style. 

Then we had a look at lots of Malawian objects.

What an interesting morning!

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