Thursday, 21 May 2015

More Presentations!

Today we listened to Year 3 presentations; we first heard about meerkats. Some are watch guards for the rest of the group. They are omnivores and eat lots of things including bird's eggs and lizards. They have long tails for balance and look after each other 'like a proper family'.

Hamsters eat monkey nuts and also get treats! They are nocturnal but get a cuddle after school! Fluffy curls up in a ball to sleep at night.

We also heard about labrador retrievers which are hunting dogs but are also used as sniffer dogs for the police and make good pets. They eat almost everything and you have to watch in case they eat too much! 

Bald eagles live in North America. 70,000 live in Alaska alone! They eat fish and dead animals. They can fly at 35.43 mph whilst carrying their prey. They can swim and they are the national bird of the USA. 

Geckos are small lizards - they eat insects and make good pets. They lay eggs - but never grab their tails! They live in hot countries like Madagascar and America. 

There were lots of statistics about the albatross such as their wingspan (3.6m). They mate for life and their eggs are white with red spots. 

Well done everyone!

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