Friday, 18 December 2015

Play for Today

Class 3 have been writing plays in literacy.

As the children act out their plays two children review their performance and afterwards the rest of the class gives them some constructive criticism. 

Some actors improvised when they were supposed to be following their scripts and some people needed to speak more loudly. However, we enjoyed all of the plays, especially those that were funny.
Most got top scores of 4 - 5!

The children said...
'Everybody was really fantastic - here is what we had: bus driver and rude traveller ,
The hare and The tortoise, the snooker football problem, the boy and the wizardy witch, 
The argument, you naughty boy, the extremely naughty child, the scary dragon attack, the 
Rude mood!☺️☺️😜 🎄🎭

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