Thursday, 20 July 2017

Hi Karate! 20th July 2017

Today after making kites we tried out karate to see whether we liked it. 

After a good warm up...

...we started learning karate. First, the attack, then the head and stomach block and, finally, the kicking technique. 

For karate, speed is more important than power and it is very important to make sure you have curled fists rather than closed fists so that you don't hurt your hands when you punch. Posture is also key, for example, if your posture is not correct when you kick you could fall backwards and hurt the back of your head.

Not something to try at school or outside karate lessons of course because of the risks of hurting yourself or someone else!

The Tiger Karate group are running lessons at Diss High School on Wednesdays and also in Thetford. The first month's lessons are free if you'd like to go along and try it out.

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