Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Today we studied nouns and pronouns. The BBC Bitesize website is really helpful and we used it to help us understand what they are.

Here are some proper nouns:
Saturday, Mrs Key, Father Christmas.

...and some common nouns:
camera, chair, picture, book

Pronouns are used instead of nouns, for example:

Mrs Key took a photo with her camera. Mrs Key was very pleased with her photo.

We could replace some of the nouns to make the sentences sound better: 

Mrs Key took a photo with her camera. She was very pleased with it.

We practised replacing nouns with pronouns and there were a couple of learning points which arose:

Don't be afraid to replace more than one word with a single pronoun. For example, 'Rob's large painting' could be replaced with 'it'.

Pronouns which replace proper nouns don't have capital letters except for 'I'. Of course, they may need a capital letter because they are at the beginning of a sentence.

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