Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to deal with worries

This morning in PSHE we thought about worries we might have and what to do about them.

We used a Carroll diagram to help us.

This helped us to sort out worries we can do something about, such as getting up in time in the morning, or worries we can't do anything about such as ice creams taking over the world. 

When we discussed the issue in class, children thought of the following things which they had no control over: people or pets dying, how you look or having a bad dream. Other worries that could be addressed included winning rugby games, drowning, breaking things or getting bad marks in a test. 

We talked about what we could do to prevent bad things happening and who we could talk to about worries we might have. It's a good thing to talk about worries because by sharing them you can cope with them better.

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