Thursday, 24 March 2016

Japan Day

Today, in honour of 'Kensuke's Kingdom', we had a day celebrating Japan.

We started the day making sushi and origami and then tried our hand at writing Haikus.

During the day we talked about all things Japanese, including sumo wrestlers. Mrs Andrew gave us a demonstration....

Here we are practising sounding out syllables for our Haiku poems:

and here is the lunchtime origami session...

In the afternoon the children learnt about the Japanese artist Hokusai and drew a wave.

Then we had watched a Studio Ghibli film, Totoro, directed by the famous Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki.

What an enjoyable day - and we only touched the tip of the iceberg; Japan is such an interesting place with such a rich culture.

Here is the display about Japan and 'Kensuke's Kingdom' you can see in the main corridor at school:


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